Christ is hope of glory

Greetings to brothers and sisters
Lord had been good to us , throughout the month of June as weather is hot here. I felt when our hope is alive we could do much better in our life , and our eyes will be in reward and we always be on the right direction what is our aim and goal in our life .
Jesus Christ is our hope of glory . who loved us as we were in sin Rom. 5.8 we always thankful to our God and son Jesus Christ and for holy spirit always being with us , leading us and guiding us and helping us , there was time when we gone through hardship, loneliness , persicution but lord had taught us lot, and help us to walk with the lord in every situation .

we thank God giving us beautiful two daughters and good health for them and provided for food and shelter for us .

In month of June i could share gospel for around thirty people and it gives me satisfication in heart that in this big crowd which is full of world i could share love of Christ by heart to heart .

every secound some people are going through this world and they are going through world without hear gospel and knowing who Jesus is it makes me pain in heart how I could do for them that some how people could know the lord Jesus which is only hope of sinners

some time I checkout myself and found being selfish not sharing Christ, that that person could not hear the gospel .
I could distribute 20 new testament bible in some shops persons and many could read the word of God .

when God saved me one thing I understand is without Christ life is hopeless, as word of God told us in Romans without 10;13-15 For everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved how then can they call on the one they have not believed in ? and how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard ?and how can they hear without someone preaching to them ? and how can they preach unless they are sent ? As it written how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news . yes it words really spoke me lot many times in my life that as i had known the truth it is my responsbilities to share the good news where lord had put me .

some time these word of God had make me think who had sent me , my family they are yet to know the lord , church I dont had sent by church , like many missionaries in west, some time I felt like alone walking with lord and doing what He had told me to do yes many of my friends with me might be praying for me I really blessed me in lord people say we are praying for you , I say thank you so much for praying for me .

so 2 pet. 3;9 tells us The lord is not slow in keeping his promise as some understand slowness , He is patient with you not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance so lord want everyone may hear the Christ which work he hd finished on the cross, died for us and rose again , he had defeated sin and death Christ is victories king so this good news should be heard everyone .

If everyone of us Pray , share , disciple someone in Christ for Lord we could do much in our generation.

please pray for our upcoming gospel movie show in four place in month of July we are hoping atlist 200-300 people may hear the gospel and track distribution and small sermon on gospel may help people understand who Jesus is

PLease pray Lord may Provide all our needed resources and finances If lord speaks to you please contact me and give the work what we are doing here

please pray for protection for family and ministry

please Help us to reach out with love of Christ for people Nakul and family

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Being we are here , By his grace

Hello my dear friends and brothers and sisters in  Christ   it is great to write what Lord Jesus is doing in my life ,  and in my family and in my near and dear one those whom lord had called us to be together to worship him our great and mighty , loving God. whom lord  had called us be united  and worship him together  

we are very happy lord had put us here , and want us to be here for   preaching His word to the people those had never heard the true gospel ,,  bring Gods word  to the people , speak truth of God , challenge people live what God had offered them in Jesus Christ to receive  and  walk according to His  leading in our life as we study the word of God , meditate it , explore it , and apply it in our daily life

Lord had blessed us a beautiful girl child on 25 October 2013 and she is in good health , we really thankful toward God ,  and people those who prayed for us  and walked with us , been with throughout bad time and good time .   we had heart for the our people those , Nepali people and other groups of  nonbelievers in Christ whom need to hear the  gospel of love and grace , that they could be set free from power of darkness and  may come to light of Jesus , so they could have life in abundantly  . John 10;10  Col ;1;13  John 3;16

My mother and father and other brothers in family are not believers  and i left  my house because of  Christ had lead me to serve Him , where more then 99 % people still need to hear the massage of  true salvation  ,I had spoke the word of God to my parents and brothers and still am praying for their salvation

As i worked with Youth with a mission  since 1996 to 2010  lord had train me to serve him since  i been saved 1995   and receiving Jesus as my personal saviour  and lord  of my life I think i got must important thing in my life.  am greatly thankful toward my lord  Jesus and greatly blessed by his grace and love  what he had done for me on the cross and rose again  after three days as Gods pre- plan to save my life  and those whom lord had  planed.

From 2011 we started  after   leaving y.w.a.m  small fellowship in Jabli village in H. P. and doing  outreach, teaching word of God , preaching gospel to new family, and  meeting for prayer in some ones house  being with people , counseling them, speaking truth  for them from bible ,  and making new contact with people  and visit people house to house is my job .

I  started our ministry with job in 2011  i did 8 hour security guard job  then visiting people and doing outreach , some time 16 hour job it block me to do what God had called me to do   but in may 2013  I left my job and  i felt i need to trust God and serve Lord with whole heart,, mind ,  all that i have in my life

Am very happy to serve my lord Jesus , and spent my time with lord and with people so i could grow more in Him and I could impart in peoples life what lord had put in me

Am doing  help with my wife taking care of small baby whose name lord had given is Astha sharma  which means those who trust in God , means trust that he is exist  . she is growing and looking beautiful  and my elder doughter is now going to be 5 in March 18   we had talked with Baptist school in Chandigarh to start her schooling there  from April , and have to take admission in first week  of February  ,   she is talented and beautiful doughter of us

Our living is trusting in lord for everything to God , Rupa  my wife is doing teaching work with ladies to  sewing cloths and geting some money from that is making food money for us ,  it is around 70 $  what it will be in RS is 4000 that is what she is geting is helping us Lot . one brother helping to pay house rent worth 5000 RS around  85$  some things helping to do in lord so we are thankful ,  some time we had nothing to help in many needs in our house makes us more prayer, and trusting in lord seeking lord it made us more closer to lord

starting new ministry with no supports some time very hard but obeying masters voice gives more joy in heart

prayer points

please pray for outpouring of holy spirit when people  heard the word of God when we preach the love of God , Gods plan for man , and salvation  and our role to accept him as our lord and redeemer

please pray for place for worship we need one place to gather that we could celebrate him

please pray for  fear of Lord ,  may come upon people s life that people may live as pure life to lord  that good example may set that   people of God may have witnessed by living so glory of God may seen by living example

please pray for our  finance need in daily life , how we can raise money for our daily life lord may open new doors for us , that no things may be in lack so we could freely spent out our time in ministry field

pray for protection of family

please pray for our two doughter Pratigya ,  and Astha grow in lord  that lord may prepare for them for his glory  to bless new generation to come  Thanks a lot may lord bless you all











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HI , love you all and greetings from Nakul , family from india from city of chandigarh once again like to thank to all of you who had prayed for us and encoureged us and helped us in times of need and been always there to share our hearts and sortcoming and victorious of our life

This month we have to sift our house and for that we are searching a new house near by slum area place called dariya village in chandigarh . we did our survey last month and find out what people need , and there life style and condition some of heart touching moments were there

many kids are not going school because of there mother and father think that if they go to school family earning will be decreased and living will be hard but they are just looking for them and today but not focusing for kids future and there life long talent, education they need and will live quality of life some of them are washing dishes in hotels and small tea shop and i felt we need to do some thing for them but still praying and searching answers for them what to do
{ 2} this place is that people dont like to live coming and going in night will be riskiy and hard because thief and criminal type of alcoholic people we can find around there but God had given us to move there and trust in lord for protection so we want his will to be done bot ours but honestly i dont like to move there for ladies also looks not safe but word of God said faith is things that we are hoping , and lord is our protection and sield
[ 3} people are unprivledged and factory workers and migrated from diffrent part of country and struggling for making a good living ladies are at home all the days and gents and going to work and some ladies too but mostly at home

we are searching a way for them to start a tution centre for kids but need a big room and question is how it can be blessing for them and good relationship with people living there doing good work and will help them improve in study and those school not going kids could be understand value of education and there parents could send them one dayin school so this time i have this much idea but need much prayer and mercy of God for us and this people
{ 4} people dont have clean water , even geting normal water is problem in summer this is a big challenges we have
{ 5 } helping people getout of alchoholicness and help them to do best for their family and kids so there could be blessing in their family and for kids and future
we are trying our best to reach people but lack of resources including finances that we need some time we find our self what to do and and where to start .
one of things am finding hard is how to send school for my doughter from there no good school is there , if i left my morning part time job it will be hard for survive for us this is giving me a 150 $ a month for me it is big amount of money that atlist i had some support for my family and school fees transporations and geting there in time most be hard for us if i have to left a job then who could stand for us to help us that we could do what God had called us to do some of this things are making me to knee this days and faith is hoping best in lord what i call it lord your will be done whatever it is let be done
these day we family are visiting hospital in chandigarh my father in law is suffring by cancer and in last stage it making us cry because he was army man and good human being but not yet saved in lord jesus we told lot of time about our testmony and prayed for him , and praying daily in life as am praying my mom and dad who is not a believer of lord jesus so they dont had found hope in eternal life John 3;16 Romans 6;23 it is brecking our hearts why lord they are not understanding your word this is our cry
One thigs are sure Lord is coming soon God is going to ask us what he had given us our time , talent gifts , resources that he had given us to use us living here is not easy for us but we have conviction to go there and start the work as we are doing more effectively
this time we need 300 $ if i have leave the my part time and put my time day and night in lords field so please pray for us as you like to contribute we will be happy to receive not for our selfishness but for best use of our time in lords harvest

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Throughout the years our lord jesus is faithful and had blessed us, and tought us lot in life , God had heard our prayers as we prayed together with you for win souls and make disciples and minister the word of God . Jabli fellowship and chandigarh house fellowships are having bible study and prayer, and worship time is exiting and encoureging lot people are open and ready to share there heart with us and want to take word of God in their life

one of our brother who just come to know the lord 3 month back is ready to how to live by being disciple of jesus learing how to pray, worhip,and know the word of God his name is Basant working as chinises cook in restrurent near parwanoo he is taking teaching of baptism theses days and very soon water baptism will take place .

last month we had 4 days seminar for 9 people in h. p. it was been great move of holy spirit among us and nine people some are very new people who join there , were exiting having these teaching session there
subjects were prayer life , interduction of bible spending time with lord hearing his voice in our daily life evanglism ten commandments and great commandments over view of new testment how to keep our journey pure in our daily life
and we got great testmony from participants and more people want these kind of teaching and seminar in future so please pray with us to keep this good work that God had began in our life
we really praise God for providing motorbike for the ministry and now am happy to spend more time with people and make new contact we really thank all your prayers and who contributed financialy for us

WE are expecting our last baby in month of october because Pratigya is getting exited to see a brother or sister with her and we both also want a healthy baby in our life
we want give all glory to jesus for whatever he is doing in our family and our fellowship as church and our promise land where he had called us to reachout the people with gospel of jesus christ our lord

CHALLENGES – many people theose dont know lord hate us and dont talk with us near by us it is really making sad

pratigya became alone to play because no one wants to play with her it broked our heart

pratigya need to have school we need finances for admission and monthly fees it is big challenges for us

paying house rent is one of chalenges so keep praying for us and need of our daily living here that we could be there where God ,s word need to be preached


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Lord is faithful

Through out the lst year lord had been faithful and our comforter, guider, and loving father to take care of our every need we want thank God and father who always care and help us to grow , and always available in times of need in every area of our life and family and people we are serving and i call that is family that God had given us to walk together in journey of this life

Rupa is doing well with teaching tailring for needy ladies , even though some problem had made her little discomfort . when she discided to help them to learn the skill many uneducated ladies told her we can not do , we are useless , we dont had good mind , and we will be never get succsess many negative words because they dont belive they could it made both of us very sad and we thought what to do ? but we prayed God and seek his counsel , so God had help us to take courege , when you want bless others if he or she dont think they are worthy it made really sad , Jesus could do miracles for those who trust that they could overcome in life

we had been sad with what is happening in our place with girls and ladies girls are been raped and killed and girl child been aborted , and it make me cry and only we could pray for lord stop these things from our land , they could net see the value of life how jesus died for them and if son of God had sacrificed himself for mankind we could understand how valueable is every souls , image of God . power of darkness had blinedd the land to see life as we could see so our prayer is to pray that God may open their eyes to see Jesus may revealed in their life same time my wife had to go in slum area some time she shared me some wrong motive people followed her because the way to the sewing center where she doing her teaching is jungle and lonely place But thank to God he always protects us and he did in our family so Our God is our good shepherd

my doughter Pratigya is lovely girl she is going to be 4 years old in 18 march she is very cute and blessing for me and Rupa she is already demanding me a good gife in her birthday she brings joy in life of both of us

we are praying to send her good christian school where she get good quality education for she get the value of life and biblical value of life in her whole life may be blessing for the people

This year we have take faith step for what God had put in our heart last year been year of preparing and seking God in family and ministry
many issue had been shacky for like finance and house it is not easy for us change one house to others but we dont have our own house we have to do that , some time cuting the living cost , and people around us is not friendly and apposing christian , and dislike our worship people do ask us please seek other house so we have to do thanksfully
one of prayer we had is lord give us our own house in hill area that we could start fellowship their
we dont know here but we had beautiful house in heaven we thank for jesus we are going to move that house very soon

we thank all our friends for your kind prayers and contibutions encouregement and coming along wit us when we felt lonely you people are meant lot for us i dont want make long this article so am going to updates more in next thanks a lot may God bless you all

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some of our life updates

WE need your prayer , and contribution as family Of God by the blood of jesus christ , in lord as we are seeking God and moving forward to cotribute in evanglism and wining new souls and making disciples for the lord jesus not us but by his grace that works through weak vessels to gloryfy the king jesus on the throne high on above
as see our life we work with around 15 years with ywam and learn the lord deeply and serve the people and got experince God in our life there is no there ways to people have everlasting life and dignity in eternity but we had such a struggle by the sickness in our family many time people said turn from the jesus and have good life people use to say that you people accept jeus and you could have this much trouble in your life but we refuse and told the people that our jesus is more powerfull then the all our struggle
our life been mess and every day and night we just prayed and wait on the lord please whatever your wills in our life lets do it we are a clay in your hand mold us and make us as you like us to be
our son RAhul was handicaped and unable to eat ,talk, walk and sit our financial condition was been mess and many time thought come that sucide might be easy but lord helped us to overcome on that thought
we took care and help him to grow and including toiletring and all the work we could do for him
he never said me papa and never to mum to his mother many time we had cried and cried
i dont know why it happen in our life but we felt many time we have higher calling in our life
to serve the master so he is doing working his work in our life to build us as christlikeness
even though we didi many misteks and we could not help as he need to be helped because we were not had good finance and leadership in that oraganization which we were working unable to work because every one were not with salary yes many of them were raising funds but not using as need to be used with intergrity and honest
that is not our business , but God will deal with everyone of us asin christ

2011 after christmus 27 december our son gone to be with lord as winter come we are remmbering him lot his smile and his face and our lif ewith him while he was with us

we spent our life to serve God and people as well but we could not been fruitfull as need to be because our life we spent more on treatment and toiletring feeding cleaning and taking care him with minimum income . because it was hard to take him alone we had to be both with him
some time i come from ministry i found my wife crying and wanting to left the ministry and work
and want to be go some where where she dont know as she said am using word as she said
WE want you k now us and what we are doing and did and how we are on the journey of life with jesus been walking toward eternity as 2 Cor. 4;16 -;1 we had temprary assidignment here on earth when we finished we will go our parmament home with lord
still in this temprary home we find hard to face all tempation and triels and tests that come to make us and mold us
yesterday night we had big cry and remmbering for our son and time for look back from where we could reach here ?and how we can move forward with lord and calling we had yes we lost ten years to be fruitful and lost our wealth, helth, energy, and career as big ministry and ground for the future where we can stand , we dont have any thing now
we lesft family still not believers and apposing us , we lost our son , career, finances that we had , now we had only jesus and many time what to say to people to ask for help , or not but anly weep in front of lord many pasters live a life of king we are not jeales to them but comes heart to compare with them where am i today
our purpose of life is reachout the people with love of God and gospel of jesus christ and win souls and make disciples and expand the his kingdom
as your fellow. co-worker we need your contribution to stand we had started small two fellowship
every week we gather in sunday and some time wednesday , and weekly we go out to preach the good news and visit people and make new friends and share the jesus here it is not easy to go and preach in mass but we use to heart to heart share more effectily
we have a doughter next month we had to start the school we had big challenges for the financial needs for education to her better future she is now going to be 4 years in marh 18 please pray for door for her good education
my wife is helping women to learn sewing cloths and ground for the start the ministry in that place , that is a slum place where we live in chandigarh we had one small fellowship with 15 people in place Called Jabli in himachal pradesh
our life been challenges and continue to face

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assist to reach people who never heard the Gospel of grace and love

hello since log time i have not updated the my blogs but am here again to say some thing what we are doing and growing as God wants us to grow
Ephesians 2 ;8 For by grace you have been saved through faith , and this is not your own doing , it is the gift of God. when my early walk with lord jesus it was hard to understand this verse but i read new testment and especialy book of Romans and Galatioans i could thankfuly receive what jesus freely gave us rightuesness of God 2 cor;5 ;21 he become sin for us to make us rightues . i had learn that if we do good then God will take us to heaven and if we become shortcoming in any way we have to bear the consiquences in our life
it really brought the bondage fear, uncertainty of future where we go after our end in earth

but when got Gospel of jesus it gave me hope for future and new begining of life for the live my eternity with a God of heaven and earth , creator , master of all things

this is been God,s murcy on me that i could hear this gospel of grace and by prayer of saint i could understand the word of God
there is story once i ask for the lady who come to me say that what she belive is really true diety she said to me why only jesus is true God ? and why he died ? and how he raise again ? and she said i think what i belive is true diety because people those follow that particular diety is cutting there head and sacrifising the that diety

i could surprise am from same faith but never heard it . this news sad my heart that and i told her if that diety is real God He will never ask our blood and body , God never eat our body but love our spirit, soul , and body as his temple because holy spirit live in us
hahaha we have good debate with her and finaly she undersatnd who jesus is and God of heaven and earth

there is many stories that people are waiting for the hear that good news of jesus a hope of glory
so who will go and speak the true and loving life of jesus christ and bring hope among these people only grace of God through faith on jesus can bring hope in people,s life it have given freely jesus had paid for the price for the our people who never heard the gospel
i want you to ask God what God is speaking to you are you living for the this world or next to yet appear with jesus we have finalized today if we dont care these unreach people groups those never heard the gospel who will understand the need to stand at the gap between God and people and interced for dying world . there is only hope in jesus for the human being living in this planet
if people could not hear about jesus this is not the gospel for them at all because they will perish eternaly wihout jesus

everyday people passing from this earth without hope of eternal life and perishing eternaly . . lets join with us to share that jesus died for them, rose agin ofter three day by defeating death and after forty day he went to heaven and He will apear in cloud to end of these world and those washed by the blood of jesus will reign in life with jesus
By grace of God not by our works it all provided by God for the mankind you are welcome to help us to reach out with Gospel of grace and love and we could win souls and make disciple in the among our people by your prayer and by going with us , by assiting by your financial contribution and encourging each others as body of christ thanks a lot love to hear from you guys

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